How to potty train a Rottweiler?

D Dog Fan | February 9th, 2011

Potty training a Rottweiler can take a long time and cause a lot of pain for both dog and owner if not done correctly. Sharda Baker’s ebook and audio package, ‘The Complete 7 Day Dog Potty Training Guide‘ teaches you how to potty train any dog in just seven days. Baker’s comprehensive approach is based on her real life experience and also deals with adult dogs, rescue shelter dogs, which other similar products tend to miss.

  • Effective and ineffective training methods compared
  • The best time to start training
  • List of best equipment and supplies
  • How to clean soiled areas in no time
  • Training older dogs
  • Handle common potty training problems
  • Potty train a new puppy
  • How to use potty pads
  • Crate training
  • How to train dogs from rescue shelters
  • What to do about marking
  • Litter box training
  • Effective paper training
  • Leaving your dog home alone.

The package also includes free bonuses, like the Vet Health Tips Audio Interview dealing with all aspects of dog care and 101 Homemade Dog Recipes to help you feed your dog in a healthy, convenient and economic way. The book comes with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

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Must read ebook for free

D Dog Fan | November 11th, 2010

my-first-best-friend-ebookIf you had a dog when you were a child, you will want your own children to experience the same positive feelings and you will get your children a dog. If you did not, you just have to read My First Best Friend to find out what an amazing thing a dog can be in a child’s life. Not only does a dog teach children responsibility, but it also helps them develop a healthy personality and a balanced emotional life.

However, bringing a dog into the family is not always a smart thing to do. You need to make sure that both the children and the adult members of the family are ready for a furry friend, otherwise someone is likely to get disappointed over time. You also need to make sure that you are selecting the right breed and you are treating your dog in a way that guarantees your children’s safety.

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4 Things you did not know about Rottweilers

Big Dog | December 4th, 2011

RottweilerThe Rottweiler is commonly portrayed to be evil or sinister dogs in several films and TV shows most probably because of their intimidating appearance. They, however, are actually good-natured, obedient, and hard working dogs according to FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) standards. With all the negative depictions that the media has presented, it is time to shed some better light on these lovable dogs. Here are some facts that you might want to know about the Rottweiler.

  • Rottweilers have several alternate names such as Rott, Rotty, and Rottie. The most appropriate one however would be its German name, Rottweil Metzgerhund or “Rottweil butchers’ dogs.” This name came about because these dogs were once used by travelling butchers to guard money and stocks in Rottweil, Germany during the Middle Ages.
  • The Rottweiler descended from Roman droving dogs and the breed’s history can be dated back to the Roman Empire. They were primarily used as guard dogs responsible for protecting cattle and property. In addition, they pulled carts containing crops for farmers.
  • During the late 1800’s, the number of Rottweilers started to decline but during World War I, the demand for this breed increased. They served various roles such as police dogs and messengers.
  • The most controversial issue concerning Rottweilers would be their docked tails. The reason for docking and making the tail look stumpy or bobbed can be traced back in history. Removing the length of the tail was done to prevent assailants from pulling it during a confrontation and for the tail not to be caught in the wheel while they are pulling a cart. Today, it is done for tradition and aesthetic purposes. According to research, cutting the tail during the 1st to 3rd day of the dog’s life would cause little to no pain or discomfort because of underdeveloped nerve endings. Docking, however, is banned in some countries notably USA and New Zealand.

Rottweiler playing with a baby

Big Dog | March 11th, 2011

We can see a very well raised Rottweiler playing with a baby in this video. It is advised not to leave alone a little child with a Rottweiler, but as you can see, they can be very gentle with babies. Neglected, mistreated Rottweilers are often mean and aggressive, but it is true for other breeds as well. They need early socialisation and obedience training in order to be a friendly, well behaved dogs. Training this breed is easy as they are eager to learn new things, but they require a patient, calm trainer who rewards them often.

Is a Rottweiler a good choice for me?

Big Dog | October 30th, 2010

I would definitely say yes, if you would like to have an affectionate and powerful dog that unfortunately has a negative reputation as a mean, aggressive dog, which it does not deserve. The Rottweiler can be friendly with everybody if they are given proper, early socialization and obedience training. They love older, considerate children and can do well with other dogs and pets if raised together. They are a dominant and protective breed, so it is not advised to leave them alone with smaller animals or children.

The coat of the Rottweiler is short, dense and is medium in length. It requires weekly brushing as an average shedder. They are prone to health issues like entropion, hip dysplasia and obesity.

Training of the Rottweiler is relatively easy as they are eager to learn new things, but they definitely need a calm, consistent and rewarding trainer. Early obedience training and socialization is a must, as if they are bored, they can easily become destructive.

All in all, the Rottweiler is good for families with older children living in a big house with a large, fenced yard that will provide enough opportunities for the dog to exercise, play and run.

I hope this short article will help you decide whether the Rottweiler is the perfect dog for you and your family.

Free ebook to download

Big Dog | September 29th, 2010

Factors To Consider When Picking Your Perfect PuppyTo the relief of many would-be dog owners, “Factors To Consider When Picking Your Perfect Puppy” is free to download as a courtesy of Euro Puppy.

It points out all the most important issues anyone buying a puppy must consider. Without this ebook you might spend long hours searching for answers on the net, but might fail to even recognize what you should be thinking about.

“Factors to consider when picking your perfect puppy” tells you the essentials in a nutshell, in an informal, easy to understand style. Go get it now, it’s free.

Rottweiler puppy with hiccups

Big Dog | September 20th, 2010

Rottweiler puppy sale

Big Dog | August 26th, 2010

Many people get lost watching the amazing power and the wonderful personality of Rottweilers. These robust dogs are perfect watchdogs and companion dogs. Unfortunately in most cases it takes long investigation to find a reliable breeder, and still we have the chance to get tricked.

I’d like to call your attention to place full of reputable breeders, who would like to know that their dogs find a truly loving home. Europuppy deals with breeders, who only sell totally healthy and purebred puppies, and that is the reason why Europuppy gives a lifetime guarantee on the sold puppies. Check out the website which counts with hundreds of satisfied customers.

Funny Rottweiler Puppy

Big Dog | August 18th, 2010

“Nope. I do NOT feel like talking.”

Rottweiler puppy

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